underfall yard (sketches 2010 - 2015)

by ed lofstedt

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    1. through the grey
    2. i was funny when i was young
    3. little scandal
    4. sea of japan (you hear my voice)
    5. harbours [live at wedna]

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A free sampler of unreleased tracks, new demos and live tracks spanning the time between ed lofstedt's debut EP 'force for whatever', and the new as-yet-untitled EP due out in early 2017.

I hope you love it and it gets you as excited as me for EP number 2!


released December 4, 2016




ed lofstedt Bristol, UK

Plays folk. Channels post-rock. Dreams post-punk. Eats pop.

"One of the UK's best up and coming songwriters...a credit to his craft." - All Will Be Well

Ed channels electronica and post-rock through his folk songs, drawing in huge dynamic shifts, spellbinding stagecraft and bewitching lyrics.

Ed's new EP 'sweep me away' is out now!
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Track Name: through the grey
gathering clouds, we wrestle our indecision,
we're spent, we're tired,
there seems no way back for us at all.

this new page dropped us on our heads
before it slowed us down
I can't get clear.

so give me something to remind me of this night
join me as I look back to the beauty of this sky

talked you out of love, I'll talk you out of leaving
this writing is cut deep
there seems no way up from here below

this seems strange, I can sense you here
slipping through the grey
I can't get near.

so meet me in memories carved out of the dark times
give me something to remember by your smile

so give me something to remind me of this night
join me as I look back to the beauty of this sky
so meet me in memories carved out of the dark times
your brilliance in the cool summer moonshine
is all I'll remember of our lives
Track Name: i was funny when i was young
I was funny when I was young
wired to prescription pads and tripping on my tongue
I grew strapmarks on my legs and how the beggars begged
to bleed onto the carpet and pour fire into my head

when the cuckoo swings his watch across my muddled little mouth
it's hyenas stand to cheer us as we hold the nose and dive write down
the noise in here is supernova loud
mother am I fit to steer?

I can only skin you once
I will sweep your secrets up and kick them out your front
I am steel spoon in snout, a brittle lout
a kettle set to boil with no anger in its spout

yes sir all of us are broader than the labels we collect
but if lechery is all they see then lecherous is all you'll get
this house hopes you can back up how you bet
the dice rolls to denial tastes much sweeter
how the devil, how he spins you, spins you out of gear

well if Jesus could have seen us in this sorry little hole
he'd have never yelled 'forgiveness' but he might have whispered
'bleed them cold'
the wise man built his house upon the gold
singing are we fit to steer?
Track Name: little scandal
you dropped to my corner, your hair cracking over your face
there was dirt in your nails, you were melting a crimson smiled
waxed on

sweetheart your eyes gave your age away
they stare through the fire and only see driving rain

scratched on your back screams a message reads 'rescue me'
surrounded by bottles your neck bent straight down to your feet
cheer up

'cuz I'll be the vice that helps you reappear
we deserve nothing worse than the hole we carved out here
so dig with me now

little scandal

stones at the window, an ear pressed against the wall
holding your name in my throat 'til I hear the bolts crawl

so slip off the charm that you wear next door
under your gaze, I feel the heat burst through the floor
so let's have this battle and know we lost the war
so humour we now

little scandal
Track Name: sea of japan (you hear my voice) [2012 edit]
they threw us into orbit but they'll have to drag us back
cuz we've been turning into peacocks
brushing up our wildcat acts, and throwing all our weakness into sacks
then in the water cuz we're bored right through

and recently we're finding that our parents lives and ours
were really more or less identical albeit drawing different scars
our history is all that we are

we're sipping our sweat from the sewers
we buzz like flies at the roadside, and I

I am blissful and whiskey tonight, candlelit and quiet
sail away on the dark Asian sea, and empty out my mind

the matador is leading but unless he leaves he'll always lose
so if you think I'm quitting, well I'm winning
cause I got to choose

I'll follow the arrow until it drops, secure in the knowledge
that when my heart stops I'll be more grateful for the devils I know
than jealous of the angels I don't

sail away on the dark Asian sea, and empty out my mind
we're more landfill the longer we live, but time is on our side

I feel like the offcuts of divine experiments gone wrong
but bring me the darkness and I'll show you where the light belongs

let the dreamers fly higher than their high-rise homes
and polish the concrete up into chrome
cuz all of your anger is yours to spray
in whichever direction you choose to face

it's all the eccentric excitement of youth, but never let go of the truth
you'll be more grateful for the devils you know
than jealous of the angels you're sick that you don't
you claim that they'll love you, you know that they won't
they'll cut you adrift and they'll leave you here to

float, so float
on the dark Asian sea
I am blissful and whiskey tonight

so lay down your arms, take the hands of St. Peter
a glance to the ground with a breath that propels you upwards
cut all your ties to crooked Casanovas
forget all their language, you could never understand it
jettison all the bones that you've broken
they're calling you in so come when you hear my voice
you hear my voice
Track Name: harbours [live at wedna]
you were wrong to think the romance had flown
from the ages that shifted our dustbowl home
this hold was decades in its setting our bones
it was mundane surrender, it was coal to each coat

at once our harbours sigh
held in time inside that traveller's eye
if there's a hand you should hold it's mine
long flickers the candle that climbs in a rising tide

and cobwebs and cages mark the trail to mistakes
these peculiar attractions that fit and fall away
unique in your refusal to break
with the weather we reap when we reawake

and how we fall through life
sail home and climb that old harbourside
and if there's a hand you should hold it's mine
so quicken the pulse of this rusted remain of my heart

like notes sent out to sea, pounding in the deep
a light from silent centuries returns from sleep
a shuddered slip of years, don't scream another word

snuffed out, as our eyes unfolded
our anchors outlived every heart absconded
a whispered remain where our feet once fell

at once our harbours sigh
held in time inside that traveller's eye
if there's a hand you should hold it's mine
a shoreline restored to its ancient grace
our lungs push, your face remains the same